Fear not, for I am with you:I will bring your children from the East, Will gather you out of the West...Bring My sons from afar, And My daughters from the ends of the earth." Isaiah 43:5-6

Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Life...new blog...1st post!!

Please follow our journey to complete our family. ;o)
You can click on the picture above, or on the title below. It will take you to our new blog!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We are having a fundraiser to raise money to bring Jaidyn home. We will send out a samaritan card to anyone that donates to help Jaidyn. The samaritan card can be used for discounts for resturaunts, entertainment, movies, travel discounts, flowers, and grocieries. I just need an address to send the card. I will post pictures of the card. Also, we will have a drawing at the end of the fundraiser for a digital camera and printer.
We understand this is alot to ask and Any help or donation to bring Jaidyn home is appreciated beyond words. I hate to even have to do this when I thought we had this adoption all figured out and covered. However, that is not at all the case. Please keep our family in your prayers.

Update....We Have T.A.

Yes. It is true. We have T. A.!! We are happy and excited that we finally have our T. A. However, things are not going as planned. We are still waiting for our tax return from the IRS and that is our travel money! UGG! I am still in shock that we have our TA but we do not have our funds to bring our daughter home. We are in serious need of prayer that God will part the red sea and send us the check from the IRS. We are stuck and cannot move forward with out our tax return. I wish that things were different and that we were ready to travel tomorrow...but that is not how things have gone. This is out of our control and we did ot expect to have this road block. I believe that it is happening for a reason. I believe that this is happening so that we can witness a miracle when God shows up with His provision for us to bring Jaidyn home. We await for our miracle. I believe that it will be a miracle and that we did not get this far to fail. I also appreciate everyone's prayer that we will have our check inour hand to complete our adoption and bring Jaidyn home.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Pictures of Jaidyn Grace!!!

We just recieved a wonderful update on our daughter Jaidyn Grace with pictures. We sent her a carepackage from http://www.giftstochinawithlove.com/ with a Christmas Tree, cake, stuffed santas, a letter from us, and our pictures. She looks so happy. I am so excited to get these pictures. I am sure that this is probably her very first Christmas Tree and presents. I wish that we were together but I am happy to see that she got them. The carepackage company is very good at getting updates on your child. I hightly recommend them.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Win Wii or XBOX 360!!!

We are extending our Fundraiser for Jaidyn Grace...

We will have a drawing for winners choice of a game system in time for the Holidays...

Win a Wii or XBOX 360!!!

Every Donation will go towards bringing Jaidynn Grace home from China. Please consider entering our fundraiser and helping Jaidyn come home to her forever family. She has been waiting to be adopted since 2007 when her file was submitted. She watched her two best friends leave the orphanage with their forever family in 2007 and 2009. We adopted Jordyn in 2007 and Jailynn in 2009. We have prayed for Jaidyn to find a forever family too. We never would have guessed that we were her forever family! We are so excited to have her as our daughter and to grow up with her forever sisters! Please help us bring Jaidyn home!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting Closer! DTC!!!

Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone! I am very excited to anounce that we are finally DTC (Dossier to China!!!)!!!!!!

I am just so thankful to everyone that has prayed for our family and supported us as we grow our family. We are one step closer to bringing home Jaidyn Grace and reuniting her with her sisters!! Jordyn and Jailynn are both very excited as we get closer to brining her home. We will likely travel sometime next year to bring her home. We still have a ways to go but I am just so relieved to have the paper chase behind me. This has been the longest paper chase yet. When we first staretd this adoption, I was naive to think that we would have already brought our precious daughter home by now. Well, at least we are done wiht the paper chase anyway. I actually drove to Austin today to our agency to provide one more document that was needed for the package to go to China. I could have just sent it by mail and then we would be DTC next Friday, but I just could not stand to wait another week. I guess that is the adoption hormones flaring up. I wanted to get this done. So I drove to Austin while my children were in school. It was really a good drive because I spent time praying and driving. Well, He actually comforted me through the drive. I met the staff at our Agency including the Director Snow Wu. It was all just really sureal to me and then when they told me the Dossier was actually on the way to China...I just could not help but break down in tears.I had the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders at that moment. Then, on the way home I really praised God and thanked Him that we are over the paperchase. I was the crazy woman worshiping God in the stop and go trafic. I was just so happy and full of joy! So I hope that you will all rejoice with me as we have our DTC!!! We are closer to bringning our girl home!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunshine Today!

So, I have not been actively blogging lately in a long while. The reason is because there have just been some major clouds in my way. The dark, grey clouds that look like rain only they are just teasing. No rain, No relief. Finally, Finally there is sunshine in my forecast!!
The reason?
Our homestudy was approved on 9-12-10 which I thought would never ever happen. We had so many hoops and hurdles. But Now it is approved.

And the best news??
The Homestudy and other docs afre on the way to USCIS.

We are one step closer to our Hunan Princess.